Compare And Contrast Trail Of Tears And Holocaust

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Most Americans believe their country's past is as innocent as can be, but what if it is not as innocent as they think? When thinking of a genocide or a mass killing, people refer to the Holocaust or the Rape of Nanking. But what about the one that many Americans seem to forget about? The Trail of Tears. It happened over 150 years ago, and many seem to forget, and others seem to not know about it. The Trail of Tears and the Holocaust are not so different from how Americans are taught. People died, people were dehumanized, and it all was caused by one person’s wants. Although, there were several similarities, there are also many differences. The Trail of Tears and the Holocaust are very similar in comparison. The Trail of Tears is the …show more content…

During the Holocaust, the Nazi government would implement a set of laws called Nuremberg Laws, which would take away all human rights. The laws meant that Jews could not marry, keep their business, or move away. Jews would also lose their houses and be put in ghettos and concentration camps. Homes would be looted and taken, and the Jews who lived there would be forced to march or board trains to get to their concentration camps. If a Jew wasn't lucky enough to go to a concentration camp, he would be killed by either mobile gas vans, gas chambers, or the SS. The Indians in the Trail of Tears had many factors that lead to their dehumanization as well. Just like the Jews, Indians would be forced into concentration camps, and the Indians would have to march to their destination. Indians had to deal with the weather factors during the winter months and the summer months. In the winter, the Indians would freeze to death because they had no cover to keep them warm. While in the hot summer months, Indians would die from walking through the heat with no water. The Indians would have to march across states to get to their destinations; they had to march 1,000 miles. Indians would also lose their homes. The U.S. soldiers would ransack the Indians homes, take their crops, and steal their land for starting their own

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