Compare And Contrast Wilson And Progressivism

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The two major Progressive presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, created enormous changes within domestic American policymaking. With their respective presidencies, the federal government gained much more administrative power, especially with respect to trust busting and business regulation. The presidencies also pushed a plethora of changes within the outlook of natural resources and wilderness conservation. However, the federal not completely invested in Progressivism, many important issues such as suffrage and civil rights were largely ignored. With regards to trusts and business regulation, both presidents made leaps and bounds with respect to their governance. Theodore Roosevelt specifically was a powerful opponent to trusts that …show more content…

Many legislative solutions were created in regards of big businesses. With “trust-busting” presidents like Roosevelt and Wilson, many large corporations were shut down, restoring capitalist equity within American life. Other Progressive reforms, such as conservation, were also enacted that allowed for many great American wildernesses to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Even with many Progressive reforms such as the above, many social issues deeper within the folds of America were unaddressed, such as women and black rights. Even with these social ills, Progressivism was largely a success within the grand scheme of history. Enactments done within the Progressive era are still alive and well today, Yosemite still exists, trusts don’t dominate. Overall, Progressive like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, while nowhere near perfect, created a framework that society would continue on throughout times. A framework of enlightened thinking that would become a legacy to this

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