Compare And Similarities Between Odysseus And Mumble

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At first glance, Odysseus (The Odyssey) and Mumble (Happy Feet 2) have nothing in common or any comparable features. But by taking an in-depth look, this will be proven false.
Odysseus and Mumbles background are of a similar standard, incorporating a sense of authority.

Odysseus was the king of Ithaca, an island off the coast of Greece and also was warrior in the Trojan war who played an important role in the Greeks success over Troy. Odysseus is most recognized for his wit and intelligence.

Mumble fits similar attributes to Odysseus. For instance, like Odysseus, Mumble was an important leader of his colony, ‘Emperorland’. Although not formally recognized as a ruler, Mumble ultimately saved his colony from being trapped from the shift of an iceberg. Because of this, I would consider Mumble a leader because he took initiative and lead his colony away from starvation. Additionally, like Odysseus, he is not recognized for his superior strength or fighting skills, but his intelligence. In each heroes’ journey, their intellect and great judgement conclusively proved to be suffice to the individual’s scenarios.

Odysseus is most known for being the main protagonist of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.
The Odysseus tells of Odysseus’ ten-year journey home where he faces numerous trials, most notable being Odysseus and The Cyclops. In the tale, Odysseus is blown off coarse on his boat on his way home from the 10-year Trojan war and stumbles upon an island where Odysseus

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