Compare Charge Of The Light Brigade And Ducle Et Decorum Est

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Poem one, which is called “Ducle Et Decorum Est” and it’s written by Wilfred Owen. This poem is about a soldier who has vividly described his journey as a soldier in World War I and all of the horrendous events that he recalls. The second poem is called “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” is written by Alfred Tennyson. Tennyson is writing about 600 soldiers riding into the battle of death, but he was not a soldier in World War I. Due to the authors’ lack of experience in dealing with war, we are going to contemplate a lot of different opinions and views on the topics when we compare the two poems. “Ducle Et Decorum Est” starts off with a lot of similes comparing how soldiers went around bent double, like old beggars under sacks, he even said they were coughing like hags, drunk with fatigue, and some deaf from all of the firing shots. We descry that they are not in the best physical condition, and the longer they stay in the war the worse they will become. He’s clear that this is not an issue that is going to improve while he is enlisted. He is not optimistic is his tone whatsoever. One part that sticks out to make me recognize that this author is against war is when he states, “Till, on the haunting flares, we turned our backs and toward our distant rest began to trudge.” This statement should make the readers realize that the soldier’s did not want to be fighting, usnless they legitimately did not have a choice. They didn’t want to go into the war

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