Compare Hinduism And Hinduism

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Buddhism and Hinduism are two popular religions that were found in India. It is commonly thought that Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar religions, some may even think they are the same. This thought comes up for many reasons including their spiritual practices, place of origin, and the problem they believe life has. To many, it would be a surprise to learn how different these two religions truly are from one another regardless of how much they resemble each other. Hindus tend to see the world in a “you get what you give” type of way. They believe that every action one makes will affect their future in one way or another. “Samsara” is the continuous cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. If one acts good, they will in turn get good karma, leading to a better next life. If one behaves badly on the other hand, they will obtain bad karma which will lead to suffering in the next incarnation. Hindus believe a person can be born in different varieties, in each variety ones’ soul or “atman” is kept but the body in which they are in can change. The atman can form into a human or any other living creature mainly depending on its karma. Each variety is another chance for their atman to attain good karma. Hindus also believe in the caste system, each caste has its own duties, or “dharma”. One must fulfill these duties and maintain good karma in order to work their way up the caste. The higher up in the caste system they are the better quality of life a person has. A legend has

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