Compare And Contrast Suburban And Homecoming

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The quality and importance of life are looked at by most as a valuable and great gift, but this perception of someone’s life is stated differently by the two poets, David Malouf and Bruce Dawe. The poems Suburban and Homecoming express life through the eyes of two separate groups, one being a ‘stereotypical’ individual and the other, a group of men fighting for their own lives. Poetry offers many hidden meanings within their stories, Suburban and Homecoming are no different offering two distinct takes on the meaning of life. Whether that be shown through war, or a Sunday morning after a long night out, both poems convey the emotions of life, both positively and negatively. Homecoming by Bruce Dawe describes the homecoming of dead Australian Soldiers from the Vietnamese War, (lines 2-3). The poem has its poet expressing his opinions on man’s response to wars and how vital human life is, the soldier need to be brought home and the brutality and futility of wars between the human’s race. In contrast, Suburban, by David Malouf, expresses to the reader the facade of modern suburbia, lukewarm residency clouded by public idealism and picket fences. “Suburban” suggests similar themes of masked anxieties by apparent political or social orders, which is clearly expressed through the way Malouf describes modern suburbia; as dull and emotionless. Homecoming directly contrasts this and describes a chaotic and destructive, this is demonstrated through the entirety of the poem, poetic

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