Compare The Gift And I Ask My Mother To Sing

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“The Gift” vs. “I ask my mother to sing” “Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal which the reader recognizes as his own.” Salvatore Quasimodo, ( Many can resonate with this quote because poetry can even be appealing to a new reader; it allows them experience life in ways they’ve never before. In other words poetry really allows someone to maintain an experience so someone else can later access it as their own: it’s basically a way of sharing once inner thoughts, experiences and memories with others. In this essay I will be comparing the poetry of Li-Young Lee. The two specific poems I will compare are “The Gift” and “I ask my mother to sing”. Although both poems are based…show more content…
Lee uses vivid details of imagery to be able to project his strong emotions to his readers. For example, in the poem “The Gift”, the narrator painted a clear image of the relationship between the father and the son. As the narrator of “The Gift” removes a metal splinter from his wife’s hand, the reader clearly knows what going on. Also we see that he remembers when he was a seven year old boy and his father also removed a splinter from his hands. Also we get a clear image of when the father told a story in a low voice in order to distract him. We also get great imagery at the end of the poem kissing his father when holding up the splinter. The narrators words help the reader imagine the picture of how both the father and son felt. In the poem “I ask my other to sing” the poem is about the author had childhood memories of what he had and how he misses the he had with his mother, grandmother and his father. The author pays specific attention to the senses. By using the amazing imagery the reader is able to smell the freshness of the rain, hear the sound of the rain on the waterlily leaves, hear the sound of the “picnickers” chattering and “running away in the grass”, and also hear the voices of the grandmother and mother singing. While the gift displayed a clear image of the relationship of a father and a son, the poem “I ask my mother to sing was more inclusive of the whole family and also more visual on the
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