High Holy Days

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Asa Moore Mrs. Brownlow AP English Literature 9/28/12 “High Holy Days” The main idea that Jane Shore is making in "High Holy Days" is that the child or young teenager is a "Chosen One," (line 54) and she must free the Jews from Anti-Semitism and the Nazis just as Moses saved the Israelites from the Egyptians. She had no idea she was going to be the chosen one just as Moses did not. Moses was lost too just like she was before God helped him find his way. Jane Shore uses diction, tone, and imagery in order to convey the main idea. The author uses diction throughout the poem to help the reader better understand how the speaker is feeling. For example, "It was hot. A size too large, my wool winter suit scratched" (lines 1-2) shows …show more content…

And I reeled home through the dazed traffic of the business day – past shoppers, past my school, in session as usual, spat like Jonah from the whale back into the Jew-hating world." The author uses imagery in the poem to enable the reader to see what the speaker sees. For example, in lines 4-11 the speaker describes to us the

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