Compare Widow Douglas and Mrs. Watson

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Compare Widow Douglas and Miss Watson

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain satirizes Pre-Civil War society through Widow Douglas and Miss Watson over their treatment of Huck. They are hypocritical, single, old women who attempt to educate Huck in the ways of the "sivilized" society and show him the benefits of religion. Ironically they are racist even though it contradicts their religious beliefs. Twain emphasizes these satirical points in his descriptions on there treatment of Huck and through their own habits. He illustrates there hypocritical views further through there behaviors and teachings toward Huck. While these characters are similar in many ways, their subtle differences reveal variations on Twain's satire of a …show more content…

Twain represents the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson as being hypocritical in their teachings toward Huck. When Widow Douglas tells Huck that smoking "was a mean practice and wasn't clean, and [he] must try not to do it any more" she emphasizes that smoking tobacco is not good for you (2). Ironically she takes snuff, which is much worse, but Huck says that it "was all right, because she done it herself" (2). In the same way Miss Watson is

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