Compare and Contrast African American, Native American, Latino, and Asian American, and Caucasian Parenting. What Are the Primary Differences in Parenting Practice?

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The United States has always been considered a melting pot and because of all the cultural diversity there exist many different beliefs and values about raising our children. The three major ethnic groups in the United States today are African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans. This is followed by the three different parenting styles that many parents go by when raising their children. The Authoritarian style show very little emotion but give their children a lot of direction in life, they are viewed as very controlling. Their attitude is “I am in charge and set/ enforce the rules, no matter what. Because of this these parents may sometimes be viewed as harsh or emotionally aloof. Hispanic parents have been described as more …show more content…

Authoritative parents set high goals for their children and encourage more responsibility and freedom, within well-outlined rules. It is said that children of authoritative parents usually grow up to be very independent, socially successful, and respectful of authority. In many ways the conditions of social class affect parent’s options and decisions they face when parenting. “Children living in

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