Compare and Contrast Essay Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia

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Deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil Deforestation is normally referred to activities that all trees in forest are taken away through either the purpose is to get timber or to replace the area for alternative uses can cause environmental degradation, and pollution emission. There are similarities and differences of deforestation causes in Brazil and Indonesia. The objective of this essay is to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil in term of mining, burning forest and logging. Mining is one of the main causes of deforestation. Indonesia and Brazil’s forests have been suffered badly from mining activities. However, mining in Indonesia is…show more content…
In Roraima, forest fire from El Ninno damaged over 37,000 Kilometres of forest total area ( El Ninno Phenomenon, n.d.). Logging is another main cause of deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil. Logging is a major contribution to the loss of both Indonesian forest and Brazilian amazon. Logging in Indonesia has been widespread around the country because of a political corruption and develop economic growth (Global Forest Watch, n.d.). Suharto, the former president attempt to boost economic growth in export revenues by authorize the timber industries to harvest wood in public forest under concessions cover more than 80 percent of the country’s total forest (Smith, 2003). The Ministry of Forestry also stated that logging has destructed Indonesian Borneo and Kalimantan cost the country an estimated RP 311.4 trillion or around $36.4 billion (Tropical Forest Foundation, n.d.). They let exports without grant, or overlook tax evasion, logging outside authorised areas or the violation of harvesting regulations in return for a bribe.For instance, in 1999, over 40 percent of the wood is used by producing of plywood, pulp and paper production. In 2007, 45 percent of trees exported to United of the State, Europe and China. Likewise in Brazil, the government wants to drive agricultural growth. Logging and industrial processing of timber export and charcoal
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