Compare the Methods Used to Distribute Two Selected Products and Services

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Compare the methods used to distribute two selected products and services In this report I will be comparing methods used by two different retailers on how they distribute two chosen products, of my choice, in two different retailing sectors. Seeing as the food and clothing sector both have very different styles of how they meet their product requirements, I will compare Tesco and JD; The products from these two companies itself that I’m going to compare is ‘Tesco Value Bread’ and Nike hoodies. For the food retailing sector (Tesco) there are many different departments that address what type of design is necessary for the distribution chain, the types that are available for a company such as Tesco is: frozen, chilled, and fresh foods,…show more content…
There are more outgoing costs in the production process for the Nike hoodies than the ‘Tesco Value Bread’ as the clothing’s going to more places, and costs a considerable amount more to make than the bread. The warehousing locations used to hold the goods (the food and the clothing) may be identical in size but the number of locations is most likely different. Because of the fact that the Nike hoodies are bigger in size compared to the ‘Tesco Value Bread’ one may be lead to believe that Nike have purchased/hired out a lot more warehouses to contain their goods compared to Tesco. On the other hand, even though Nike may seem to have more warehouses than Tesco it doesn’t necessarily mean that they sell more, as there are different levels of demand for both the products. Nike promote their hoodies through a lot of ways; Nike use mainly advertisements through the web, television and advertisements through shops-most of the time their own shops. They mass promote their Nike hoodies, whether they’re new releases or just old hoodies that need to go. Through companies like JD that sell Nike hoodies most of the time they put the hoodies on sell to promote the product further and make it more appealing to the customers that may want to purchase it. Tesco, to some extent, do in fact the same thing in regards to reduced cost methods but it isn’t even close to comparable when looking

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