Comparing Araby, James Joyce And Going To The Moon, By Nico Ricci

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The short stories “Araby , James Joyce” and “Going to the moon, By Nico Ricci” are have quite the same meaning because they both relate to attraction .Appeal is defined as an alluring or tempting quality possessed by somebody or something, often glamorous and sometimes doubtful.

In both short stories, Araby and Going to the Moon, the allure of the other, love or acceptance, shared a corresponding yet different pattern as it transpires throughout the two stories. For the stories, the protagonists were attracted to a female character because both of them seemed capable of providing an imaginary thrill, either for love or apperception that would fill up the void of solitude and isolation. Due to the appeal of the unknown, both of the protagonists were allured to a location that they believed to be secure and corresponding. Then at the borderline, both protagonists realized that what they desired, love or acceptance, can not be fulfilled because their deep emotions and feelings blindly bamboozled them.

The main connection between the two stories is that both protagonists were drawn towards a female character because they portrayed the superficial appeal of love and acceptance. In Araby, the boy was magnetized to the girl because he is a senior teenager who as all other teenagers is fascinated with the matter of sexuality. The author illustrated that boy has no way of eluding the allure of the female character in the story, Mangan’s sister, because she composed of an alluring

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