Comparing Catherine II and Elizabeth I

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Neither lady sought the power of their lands; they were given it in a unusual circumstance. They then display great leadership and do great things for each country. Catherine II, Empress of Russia, was born in Germany in 1729, but with the name of Sophia. She was the daughter of Prince Christian August and Princess Johanna Elizabeth. Since she was a princess, she was home schooled. She became very smart and free spirited. Nancy Whitelaw, the author of Catherine the Great spoke on Sophia’s childhood and noted, “Sophia loved to be in charge, and though some of her playmates said she was bossy, there was no doubt she was a natural leader” (Whitelaw 15-16). When she was around the age of fifteen, she met Prince Karl Peter Ulrich of Russia. Ulrich’s mother, Czarina of Russia, was trying to find a wife for her son. She knew her son was not fit for the throne, and the country would be devastated with him at the head. Whoever Ulrich married would earn the right to rule Russia (Whitelaw 18). After some consideration and suggestions, she decided that Sophia was the right girl for Ulrich. Even though her father did not like the fact that she would have to convert from Lutheran to Orthodox, he gave consent. She moved back to Russia with Ulrich, converted to Orthodox, and changed her name to Catherine. Catherine now had to give birth to a son as the heir to the throne, but it was going to be hard due to Ulrich’s…
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