Comparing Different Characters In Araby By James Joyce

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How can two completely different characters from two completely different stories be so similar? In the story A&P by John Updike, the protagonist is a 19 year old boy trying to figure out his place in life, and feels trapped in his “slot” stuck in the boring town, doing nothing of significants. In Araby by James Joyce, the protagonist is an adolescent teen boy who he is trying to find a place for himself in an adult world. As you grow into an adulthood, the feelings of entrapment or confusion may arise multiple times, because adolescents are just beginning to find a place in the world and finding out how it works, that’s true in all aspect including the most complicated one, sexuality and the pursuit of a potential partner. The story both are the views of a teenage boy, and they both are still trying to figure out what they want and how to get there, either through good choices or poor. In A&P, the protagonist is a teenage boy, Sammy, working in a little town super market, and is just so bored of the small town. He refers to his job as “slot” as if it was just a place to go and that’s all to it. Nothing good, just a place to go. Although when a group of rebellious teenage girls come into the store, it lit a spark in young man. Sammy seen it as a sign of rebellion, do what they want and damn those who care. Although given the three young girls walked into the store with bath suits, and this teenage boy was the first to notice, but he seen it as a random interesting moment
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