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A&P vs. Araby John Updike’s A&P and James Joyce’s Araby are very similar yet very different in many ways. Each short story has a normal kid with an obsession over a girl. The big difference between Sammy in A&P and Jimmy in Araby is just that they were raised differently and have different values. The way Jimmy talks about his fantasy girl is on a more religious level while Sammy in other words is kind of impolite about how he describes the three girls that walk into the market. From the narrator’s point of view in each story to the use of imagery and the main characters motivation, each story has multiple points of comparison to compare and contrast. From the narrator’s point of view in the short story A&P, it’s told from the actual…show more content…
The main characters motivation in both of the short stories is exactly the same. Sammy wants to impress the three girls by standing up for them and quitting his job right after his manager just kicked them out while Jimmy wants to impress Mangen’s sister by buying her something in hopes that it will win her love. Each character does something in order to try to get the girls attention. The apparent goal that Sammy and Jimmy are trying to accomplish is winning over the girls love. Sammy definitely had some sympathy towards the three girls that got kicked out of the market which was part of the reason why he quit his job while Jimmy feels a little bit of empathy towards Mangen’s sister because she can’t go to the bazaar so he says, “If I go, I said, I will bring you something,” (page 329). Both short stories have the same initial motive behind them which is getting a girls attention which is almost seamlessly impossible in the kid’s eyes to do. Sammy and Jimmy both epically fail while trying to get the girls attention. The epiphany in A&P is when Sammy realizes how dumb of a mistake he made by quitting his job and because of his dumb decision his life is going to get a lot harder. Jimmy on the other hand realizes his epiphany when he figured out that he wasn’t going to be able to get Mangen’s sister anything and his stay at the bazaar was now useless. Although each short story has a completely

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