Comparing Henry V And St. Joan Of Arc

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Henry and Joan During the scenes of Henry V and St. Joan of Arc, it is noticed that there are certain expectations that are expected of each Joan and Henry. Each of these individuals are expected of different things based on their genders. Joan shows that being “just a girl” doesn’t have to determine what you do and Henry makes it known that if you do certain things that you believe in, that you are still a man and shouldn’t listen to what other have to say and to prove them wrong. This is where both people have similarities and differences when it comes to their gender roles. For King Henry V, he is doubted sometimes that he is not a true man and that since he is a king he should act like one. Henry shows and tells that when he is having a conversation with his men about being a good king and man. He said “Though it’s not my place to say so, I think the king is, after all, only a man, the same as me. The violet smells to him the same as it does to me. The sky appears to him much as it does to me, and all his senses are those of a mortal man. Without his fine clothes, the king appears just like any other naked man. And though his feelings may be pitched higher than ours, when they plummet, they plummet that…show more content…
Henry and Joan seem to have similarities and differences when it comes to their situations but both of them make it known that your gender should not define certain traits or certains things that you can and cannot do. However Henry made it more known that you shouldn’t listen to what other people say and other people's opinions do not define who you are or stop you from what your goals. But in conclusion these are a few examples of the gender related experiences both Henry and Joan had to go
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