Comparing I Stand Here Ironing And I Stand Here Ironing

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Parables, fables, folktales, anecdotes, and fairy tales are the earliest of short stories written (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012). Short stories are not as long as novels, only going into the specific and certain details as necessary. Reading the five short stories and comparing notes on two in particular, “I Stand Here Ironing,” written by Tillie Olsen, would happen to be the best short story. Although not in the same time period, hard working single mothers are able to relate to the short story in today’s times, with fictional elements that include the characters, the setting, and the point of view from the narrator, as it shows the choices that were made and consequences that happened afterwards, leaving the narrator wondering what if and could have been.

Tillie Olsen’s short story, “I Stand Here Ironing,” expresses a single mother’s ability to care for her first born child Emily. She feels guilty over how she lacked showing her love and affection. At only nineteen years old during the Great Depression and Emily’s father leaving only eight months after the birth of Emily, she was forced to start working long hours at night. Eventually, Emily’s mother had to leave her daughter with his family, causing distance and lack of a bond between the two. The theme of “I Stand Here Ironing” involves a mother wanting her child to have a better upbringing and life overall, however, due to poverty, remarriage, four more children, inability to show love, and frequent absences, her guilt

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