Comparing Magical Realism Of Relife And Pan 's Labyrinth

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Comparing the Magical Realism of ReLIFE and Pan 's Labyrinth. Magic realism refers to the works in which mythological or bizarre elements are inserted into an otherwise genuine story without breaking the tales flow. The term is used to generally feature a way that does not differentiate realistic and nonrealistic events in the story and does not result in a break in the character 's ' state of mind. Through the life’s of Arata and Ofelia we can see the elements of magical realism take place as they both contain another world or dimension within each film that affects the progression of both their lives. But through this we also can see how magical realism can teaches the audience a lesson as well and not seen as just mere entertainment. …show more content…

In ReLIFE, the major obstacles Arata goes through to better off his life is seen through four relationships within this dimension. The first relationship is with Michiru Saiki, Arata’s boss at his previous job. She was a victim of constant harassment by her peers, which was something that really bothered him. When Arata tried to help her, the attacks became even worse and Michiru committed suicide. Arata blamed himself for her death and lost faith in not only society but his self as well. He then was finally able to move on after visiting her grave to send his thanks for her guidance, and apologize for being unable to support her. The second relationship is with Chizuru Hishiro, he becomes her first friend. She initially gave him a little sister vibe, but he then realizes that he 's in love with her. However, he 's unwilling to act, as he sees that playing around with the feelings of a young girl is unhealthy, as the memories will be erased at the end of a year. Arata believes that is a very cruel and unethical thing to do. Therefore, he supports her as they go through the year keeping his feelings intact. The third relationship involves Rena Kariu, as she lends him a pencil on his first day of school. He goes out of his way to help mend her relationship with Chizuru and improve the relationship between her and Chizuru. This specific relationship would lead to the last relationship involving Kazuomi Ohga, who was

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