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Daniel Holland Professor milford 1102 5/3/17 Magical world vs. The real world In the movie pan 's labyrinth, by Guillermo Del Toro, the lines between the magic world and the spirit world run a parallel from the view of the corrupted adults and the view of an innocent child. This comparison is significant because of, the many scenes and examples given by del Toro. Throughout this research paper you will learn about the comparisons of the 7 scenes from the movie and why they prove that the magic and real world are parallel universes. The first scene I will be comparing is when Ofelia goes in to the fig tree and how it relates to her Mothers state in her current state in her pregnancy, then I will compare the captain vidals…show more content…
Essentially like a baby does to the its mother which is its host and if the host is not receiving the proper nutrients the host will sacrifice its life for the parasite which is what carmen does involuntarily to save the baby 's life. According to an article from the Movie critique website vigliantcitizen.com the ancient fig tree represents the sacred feminine womb where the toad resides and is draining the life out of the tree. "The first task given by the Faun to Ofelia is to retrieve a key from a giant toad who is sucking the life out of an ancient fig tree. There starts the quest of “returning to the womb” and the rekindling the oppressed feminine. The interior of the tree is damp and moist, symbolizing once again the womb-giver of life. The tree itself looks like a uterus." (vigilantcitizen.com). The imagery that this critic gives is a great representation of the situation that carmen is stuck in the baby representing the toad and the tree being the uterus. The inside of the tree is moist and damp as is the inside of the womb and the toad is draining the energy or life from the tree, in comparison the baby is draining the life from his mother so in order to rekindle the lost energy of the tree or womb Ofelia had to travel deep inside the tree to birth or remove the toad to give new life to the tree by retrieving the key of life and improve the health of both the tree

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