Comparing My Father And My Dad

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When I was 10 years old I realized how alike and different me and my father really are. Thinking to myself one day I was amazed on how different my dad and I really are because dad was bald and he had a son with a full head of hair. My father also is very blunt, he says whatever is on his mind while on the other hand I usually keep my thoughts to myself. Though my dad and I are very different in many ways we are more similar than different. My father loves the sport football and so do I! One of our favorite activities that we do together is to watch the Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions play every Saturday and Sunday. We also love to cook and bake too. Finally through the years that my father and I have spend together i have realized how alike and different we both are.
It was a Ssaturday morning during the fall season and I was up early watching some cartoons when I realized my dad was up. He was up and about doing his usual Ssaturday chores when I notice something different about him. He looked and acted nervous but at the same time he was super excited for something. That something was a Michigan football game, which was gonna be played in a few hours. I never really notice my dad act like this before, but when I did I knew something was up. I then asked my dad, “What’s the big deal dad?” and then he said, “It’s the season opener for Michigan football!” A few hours had passed and suddenly I had heard my dad scream in joy at the TV. I then came running into the living

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