Comparing My Writings Of My Personal Writings

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As I have considered how to approach this essay, I thought it would be best to compare two of my writings for each example. Providing two quotes for each example will be most effective in showing the progression I’ve made. Kind of a “before and after” take on this essay.
Example 1: Introduction
“ Everyone likes him. How can I blame them? What wasn’t there to like? But, I didn’t like him…I love him. He is one of my best friends and has been one of my heroes ever since I can remember. I have taken a lot of advice from him over the years, but there is one piece of advice I will never forget.”
“...Chinese confidence skyrocketed in their own country. Due to this confidence boost, the Chinese have become a world superpower economically,
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America is not their only option in foreign trade.”
I chose these two snippets because they effectively demonstrate the difference in how the confidence in my writing has increased. With the second piece, I was assertive, I did not speak in passive voice; it was very direct. I chose also chose this because it demonstrates the progression from the body of my essays specifically.
I’ve come to find that my writing has progressed from very emotionally filled with lots of fluff, to very informative with lots of evidence to back up what I’ve said. As I’m going into Political Science, feeling does have a part to play, but what you say doesn’t mean anything if you can’t back it up. So it really depends on what kind of writing you’re doing, whether it be a research paper, biography, or a newspaper column. Although, I do feel that my writing is taking the turn it needs to for the profession I’m wanting to pursue. It may not be what was wanted in this class or what seems interesting to most, but it is exactly what I need for my future. So in that way, my writing has progressed. These two quotes show this difference clearly.
Example 3: Conclusion
“ I will change the world, one person at a

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