Comparing Odyssey 's Wanderings, The Decameron And The Canterbury

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Ryan Anderson
Longer Paper
December 2, 2014
In this paper I will compare Odyssey’s wanderings, The Decameron and The Canterbury. Boccaccio begins the Decameron’s narratives with a tribute to language and its power. How they use the power of language, and how the storyteller can affect the story.
Some of the stories we’ve read like the Ramayana give examples of the ideal man. Which is impossible we’re only human. The frame stories do the opposite, they give realist examples of different types of people showing us that everyone has flaws. The power of literature make us think about whatever the theme or subject, and maybe change the way we think. One of my favorite artist AB-Soul said “We might not change the world but we going to manipulate it, I hope you’re participating.” The same artist said “I can move the earth because I said it in a verse that the power of word.” I didn’t understand what he was saying until we talked about The Decameron. 1001 Nights, The Decameron, and The Canterbury Tales uses this power to give moral lessons. They all have different stories each one teaching a different lesson, some stories have similar themes but they still have different morals.
I think stories help us see real life situations differently. Some people have too much pride or they’re just stubborn, and they don’t want to listen someone telling them what’s right and wrong. Like in 1001 Nights Scheherazade tells Dunyazad stories if she had just told him what he is doing is…
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