Comparing Polonius, Laetres, And Ophelia

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The next set of characters worth dissecting are Polonius, Laetres, and Ophelia each of whom has their own distinct attributes. Polonius who is the father of Laetres and Ophelia is also a councilor to King Claudius. Polonius is the first to be killed and dies unexpectedly while listening to Hamlet and Queen Gertrude from behind a tapestry. Hamlet suspects Polonius to be King Claudius and stabs him through the tapestry. Though Polonius was killed by mistake there is reasonable evidence that he in fact wanted Hamlet gone. First, Polonius was not comfortable with the relationship Hamlet had with his daughter, and for her health advised that she did not see him anymore. Ophelia tells Polonius how Hamlet confronted her with his clothes unfastened
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