Comparing Society Today with Ayn Rand's, Anthem Essay

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Imagine a world where people are only expected to live up to 45 years old. In today's society, there are countries that experience this. In the novel Anthem, by Ayn Rand; there are many factors like lifestyle, government, medicine, and education that lead to this. There are a couple of ways where the world in the novel is similar and different to today's society. A reason why life expectancy is so short in the novel is because of the "Great Rebirth", the "Great Rebirth" led to a new world that doesn't have machinery or electronics. Because of this there was a lack of medicine. Life expectancy is so short in this society because there isn't any advanced medicine. They think that by cutting them open and letting them bleed the infections …show more content…
In this society, everyone was deemed equal to each other so no one could find out new things or talk about the past. No one was allowed to think as an individual. They had to use the word "we" instead of "I". Everyone always had to be in a group and male and female worked apart from each other. In the novel, the government chose who went with whom and whom they had to mate with. They couldn't choose because than they would be punished and be sent to a corrective center (jail/prison). No one rebelled because of this. In our society, we are allowed to choose who we want to be with and with who we want to start a family with. In the novel, the government is bad because no one is allowed to speak out. They didn't have a democratic environment. In our world, we have a democratic government and the right to freedom of speech, without getting punished. On the contrary, we have to speak out to make our community better and safer to live. In Anthem the protagonist, equality, falls in love with liberty. He saw her when he was cleaning the road. He didn't know what he felt and the next day he saw her working in the fields. They gave each other looks. Then later she gave him water. He started to fall in love with her. He later found out that she was about to turn 18 and ready to get pregnant, which he didn't want to happen. He did something that was forbidden. he fell in love in a society that doesn't embrace
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