Comparing The American Dream In Revolutionary Road And American Beauty

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For those watching from the outside, those who are hoping for a better life, the American Dream will always represent something to long for; a glamorous and effortless life. For them, it might be difficult to imagine that a life in which one does not have financial concerns, can be a life of despair. A number of directors have taken on the task of creating films which examine the dream in a number of ways. They present the American Dream from a different perspective, showing its dark side and uncovering the problems hidden by the facade of a picture-perfect home. Films like Revolutionary Road and American Beauty illustrate the dream as a form of punishment for the characters. Stuck in a doleful state and a state of isolation, they are unable to break through. Revolutionary Road …show more content…

Despite despising his workspace, and the man he has become, he would rather accept his life as it as and continue living a miserable life, than take a chance and risk losing the secure life he has. Such characters are quite frequent in films which deal with the American Dream. As we will see with American Beauty, we are usually presented with contrasting characters. One, or more of them, embody the dream. They are shallow and materialistic with a neverending desire for money and further success. At the same time, we are introduced to their opposing characters, those who are trying to break free from the lonesome and introverted lifestyle. In Revolutionary Road Frank is more so a voice of rationality and, along with their friends and colleagues, finds April's idea of moving to Paris irrational and absurd. After receiving a promotion, he is even more set on staying and accepting life as it is. April, on the other hand, is determined to break free, even if it means dying. In the end, it is this feeling that all hope is gone and that nothing can save her anymore, that ends her

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