Comparing The Antagonists In Carl And Pappy's Mudbound

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Ordinarily, one would characterize Carl and Pappy as the antagonists of Mudbound (R)- racists, sexists, men who have frequently made the lives of those around them difficult. However, is it valid to infer this if the reader (R) has never heard their voice? Throughout Mudbound, neither Carl nor Pappy gets a chapter. We, as readers, never get to hear their side of the story and thus have little valid information on which to judge their actions (R). Regardless, it is clear that Pappy and Carl are representations of many inherent problems of the South (R). Pappy, for example, represents the deep-rooted racism in the Delta, displayed just once out of multiple incidents (R) in his exchange with Ronsel where he says, “You’re in Mississippi, now. -------
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