Comparing The Office And Parks And Recreation

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The Office vs. Parks and Recreation NBC's The Office and Parks and Recreation are quite similar, but yet so different. Both of these TV shows are comedies. They also both take place in the workplace, specifically an office. The Office is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania at an office called Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Parks and Recreation is set in Pawnee,Indiana in the City Hall building where the Parks and Recreation office is located. "You know what they say. Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice… strike three." This was said by the great and wise Michael Scott. Well, maybe not wise… but he is great! Michael Scott is a fictional character in The Office. Scott plays the protagonist in the show. Michael Scott is the heart of The Office. …show more content…

Beginning with both being the protagonist in their shows. Both Michael and Leslie show a compassionate and caring heart towards most everyone. Michael cares for his friends, as Leslie cares for her friends and the great city of Pawnee. As seen in the quotes above, both say just about whatever comes to their mind, which keeps the show very humorous. Although Michael can be a bit more crude with his jokes. The Office is more negative with their humor than Parks and Recreation. A lot of the humor on The Office comes from making fun of or bringing down the other characters. This kind of a comedy makes for a funny and intriguing TV show. Also The Office has a bigger cast. Throughout the 10 seasons, the cast gets bigger. Some of the characters leave throughout the seasons and new ones will come in. Parks and Recreation is a smaller cast, and does not have as many characters that come and go through the seasons. Both of these comedies are very similar, but yet they are so different. Both The Office and Parks and Recreation are so unique in their own way, and are very good TV shows. I am bias towards The Office though. I believe it is a better quality TV show. To me The Office is more humorous than Parks and

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