Comparing The Two Billion Christians And 1.6 Billion Muslims

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The two billion Christians and 1.6 billion Muslims , make Christianity and Islam the largest religions in the world. Although the two monotheistic faiths have many differences, they also share many commonalities as well. Surprisingly, the countless followers of these religions are not even aware of their comparability. In fact, they tend to emphasize their minuscular differences rather than focusing on the common ground. This lack of knowledge and their ignorance has and is causing many disputes throughout the world.

One of the most important aspects the two major religions have in common is one that is overlooked the most. Both the religions share the same principles and values of living a morally respectable life. Although the idea of
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Both Islam and Christianity are considered to be Monotheistic faiths, meaning they both believe in the aspect of One God. Furthermore, both the religions can be traced back to an Abrahamic origin, where Prophet Abraham was one of the first as well as one of the most dedicated believers of God. Not only that, the two faiths believe in the existence of Moses, Isaac, David and Joseph as Prophets. In their Holy Books, the Quran and the Bible, there are many stories regarding these Prophets, accentuating to the believers to follow in their guidelines. Moreover, both religions believe in the Bible and Old Testament as divine scriptures. However, it is important to note that Christianity does not approve the Quran as the word of God .

The scriptures also share tremendous similarities in their certainty of afterlife. The monotheistic religions both consider that there is life after death and a Judgment day . Thus, the followers of the two largest religions believe in heaven and hell. The general understanding of heaven and hell also has some similarities, as both religions believe that the good will reach heaven while the bad will go to hell. Although the idea of who will go to heaven and who will go to hell is controversial, it is emphasized by both religions that God is always merciful of His people and will forgive those who repent for their sins. An important difference between the religions relates back to the view of human sins. When it comes to sins,
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