Comparing Velvet And Professor Locke

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This essay is to honor the two individuals outside of my usual conglomerate of friends who’ve made the greatest impact to who I’ve become today - two teachers of mine, who saw me and saw not a piece of trash delinquent kid whom of which won’t do a thing, but saw kid who was special. In multiple different ways did these two teachers help me start to make something presentable about my life. My teachers, Mrs. Margaret Velvet and Professor Locke, inspired unto me creation and expression of self and dream. It is these two teachers that have both helped me survive in a time of much turmoil and strife, and accomplish what I didn’t even ponder as possible. Professor Locke provided an immense amount of assistance in helping me not only achieve, but also create my dream, a device that would allow travel into the virtual worlds of video games and other media. He once told me, “One of life’s greatest blessings is the freedom to pursue one’s goals, and only courage in the face of doubt can lead one to the answer for them.”…show more content…
Velvet provided guidance through a very difficult time for me and a few others, a time of which no one but us could comprehend the difficulty. As an English teacher, she preached the freedom of expression and interpretation, and allowed the chains of obscurity placed on one’s creativity to be cast aside, even if just for a year. She’s told me many things I’ll never forget: “To find the one true path, one must seek guidance amidst uncertainty. It requires great courage to look at one’s self honestly, and forge one’s own path. Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment. In the face of disaster lies opportunity for
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