Comparing and Contrasting Important Presidential Speeches by President Johnson and Obama

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Although both President Johnson and President Obama outlined a military tactic and a nation-building process that they hoped to be installed, both presidents go about different ways to present their ideas—Johnson in a way that people can relate to, and Obama in a way that people can understand.
What Johnson needed for the continuation of the war was the support of the people, and to do that, Johnson gave the people what they wanted to hear. He took advantage of the war fever and carefully wove his speech to invoke emotional ties and obligation from his audience. He brought up sensitive topics, such as the strangulation of women and children in the middle of the night due to their family ties with the government. He talks of the …show more content…

To prevent Communism from spreading any further, Johnson quoted a phrase from the Bible, “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further”). Johnson saw US as a protector of peace, and saw North Vietnam as the aggressor—and that it was up to the US to stop the advancement of Communism. Why the US? It was because they had a promise to keep—resulting in this fight becoming a fight of duty and obligation.
Johnson saw vast potential for South Vietnam; he saw that given the proper tools, South Vietnam could become as prosperous as US was. The Mekong River could be transformed like the TVA, medicines and food surplus could be delivered. These were the goals of one who knew of no limits. The arête that Johnson displayed here is great. To help further motivate the US into supporting him, Johnson also related himself with the people when he talked about how electricity changed his life in the countryside—and how that could occur too with the transformation of the Mekong River. However, arête gives rise to hubris, and hubris is the undoing of many a great man. It makes one ambitious, and turns one oblivious to their faults. What Johnson did not realize was that the power of the US depends on the opinions of its people—and this hubris may be his own undoing.
Nevertheless, because of his powerful and moving speech, Johnson received a lot of applauses and his speech

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