Comparison Of Chicago, New York City And Detroit

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Chicago, New York City, and Detroit
Today, Detroit, New York City and Chicago have many similarities They're highly populated cities with high crime rates, many homeless people, noisy streets and terrible traffic. In contrast, they attract many tourists with their tall skyscrapers, and their famous attractions. As well as similarities, there's also, many differences. Today, Chicago and New York City are known for having many job opportunities and luring people in with promising careers. Whereas in Detroit, it's known to be quite hard to find employment. These cities have gone on a long journey to get to where they're at today. I'll be discussing Detroit's history from around 1880 to 1910 and comparing it to the way Chicago and New York City was in the book, Sister Carrie written by Theodore Dreiser.
From 1880 to 1910 Detroit changed dramatically. The city was under development and was on its way to becoming a successful, and higher populated, city. According to Detroit Historical Society, in 1880 Detroit's population consisted of over 100,000 citizens. At this time, Detroit also had a diverse community of many different nationalities and it was known as an immigrant city.
Detroit Historical Society also states that by 1890, Detroit's population nearly doubled reaching over 200,000. Detroit, at this time, made its ranking in the 15th largest populated city in the nation. Many people of different backgrounds from around the world came to settle here. By 1901,

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