Building the World Fair in The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

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The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
The prologue begin aboard the Olympic following a man named Daniel Burnham on April 4, 1912. Burnham is suffering of severe pain in his foot. Burnham tries to send a message to his friend Millet who is aboard the Titanic, but the message was not allowed to be sent. Burnham thinks back to the fair and reminisces of the people that helped with the fair and thinks about who is still alive from the fair.
Part 1 The first chapter introduces Chicago, in the 1800s as a place where flocks of single women are coming to Chicago looking for jobs. This city was described as very unsafe. Two people a day, on average, died at railroad crossings, disease was very common, and people died from …show more content…

Burnham eventually goes to New York to personally convince three of the architects. Because Burnham used architects outside of Chicago they brought in five firms from the Chicago area to help assist. The architects from the east come and visit Chicago and Jackson Park. The architects are very unimpressed with Jackson Park for the site of the fair. Root becomes very sick, but the architects continue to work without Root. Things seemed to getting better for Root in terms of health when all of a sudden he dies. Burnham contemplates quitting the fair but persists. H.H. Holmes arrives in the city of Englewood, Illinois. Holmes enters E. S. Holton Drugs and talks to the store owner Mrs. Holton about a job. She was in need of desperate help because her husband had cancer. The plot then goes to Mudgett’s childhood including scene in a doctor's office and the fake death a friend. Towards the later part of the chapter Mr. Holton dies and Holmes asks Mrs. Holton if he could buy the store, and she agreed. Holmes’s career as a pharmacist is turning out to be a good job for him. He starts to travel to Minneapolis quite often as there is a girl, Myrta, there he likes and wants to marry. They eventually get married and move back to Chicago. Quickly Myrta becomes jealous because of all the attention Holmes receives from other girls at the pharmacy. Eventually Myrta moves out and lives with her parents. Holmes’s buys land across the

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