Comparison Of Fashion In The 1960's And Today

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Fashion in the 60s was pretty different than it is today, but there are some similarities. Do people know that some items of clothing they wear today was actually in style almost 60 years ago? From prom dresses to dress codes, schools have changed their clothing requirements a lot compared to today. Students showed a lot less skin. Girls were not even allowed to wear pants. The 60s was a time in fashion where the social standards reflected what people wore. The items of clothing that students were and were not allowed to wear in the 1960s were pretty different to what people at schools wear today. The boys dress code back then was strict. For example, they had to wear trousers or slacks. Jeans were not permitted. Also, no running …show more content…

60s fashion is not as remembered as the 80s, but trends from the 60s are coming back today. For example, the article “Why the Vintage 1960’s Style is Coming Back” stated, “From winged eyeliner to waist clenching shirt and dresses, the style of the 1960’s is definitely evident in today's fashion. The 1960s were a time of the free spirit but also femininity and maturity, much like what 2015-2016 is showing to be.” TV shows are having their actresses wear flower patterns and bright colors. Brands are making pants, shorts, etc, high waisted. These trends now are not new. Fashion in the 1960s is influencing what designers are producing today. This is important because fashion is and will always be something people will keep up with. Any type of clothing a designer comes out with may impact what people wear years from now. In addition, the article “Why the Vintage 1960’s Style is Coming Back” also stated, “The updo is also becoming a very good trend along with the wonderful beehive[.] Oh, and let's talk about the ‘man bun.’ Now that’s definitely going back to the late 60s[.]” Man buns are immensely popular hairstyles for men today. It also was a new trend in the 1960s. Social standards reflected what people wore. Guys had more freedom to express themselves. Men could grow their hair out long, but women could not wear pants. That’s not right. It seems like there is a “new” trend every month. Only sometimes they are not new. Styles fashionista’s wore decades ago could be the new fad in

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