Comparison Of Les Miserables And The Kite Runner

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Throughout history, people have held people to standards and judged people. In Les Miserables and the Kite Runner both societies had ideas on what was civilized and what was barbaric. This can be seen when characters had to change who they were in order to fit into what was civilized and not be different. In Les Miserables a demonstration of this is shown when Jean Valjean had to pretend to be something he’s not in order to fit in with the society. Jean Valjean was labeled as a convict just because he stole some bread to help save his family from starvation. He then had to change his name and become a whole new person just because society viewed him as a bad person because he is a convict. “What had been the life of this soul”. Looking back on his life he wonders what had become of it and why society felt that he is barbaric. Even though he was a good person society treated him like he was an awful person just because he had been a convict. They did not know the full story of how he was trying to save his family, they just automatically judged him.

Fortunately, in the end Jean Valjean turned his life around and became a better person. The Bishop helped him turn his life around by giving him a chance to be a better person.” Jean Valjean my brother you no longer belong to evil. With this silver, I have bought your soul. I have ransomed you from fear and hatred, and now I give you back to God”. The Bishop knew that Jean Valjean wasn’t evil and deserved a chance to

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