Comparison Of Mission, Vision And Values

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Mission, Vision and Value Comparison Between the City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Organizations use different ways to relay their messages to the populations they serve. One of the most effective and simplified way to relay their message is through vision, mission and value statements. Although two organizations can serve the same demographic, the key messages given can be similar or very different. By examining the City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service’s vision, mission and values statements, we can better understand what key message each organization is trying to deliver to their audience, how those two organizations are connected or disconnected, and better understand why it is important for those two organizations to …show more content…

The remainder of the paragraph continues to focus on good qualities that help support the vision of the city. The Calgary Police Service’s mission is simply stated as “To maximize public safety in Calgary” (Calgary Police Service, 2016). It does go on to describe their dedication to community based policing, and describes what community based policing is. The values of the City of Calgary are under a segment titled “Why We’re Here” (City of
Calgary, 2016). Some of the values the City of Calgary use to help carry out their vision and mission are “fostering a culture of innovation, creativity and best practices. We are at our best when we take responsibility for our actions and work together for the benefit of the people of
Calgary” (City of Calgary, 2016). The Calgary Police Service on have a set of core values that are simple, and clearly defined. The core values are honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and compassion, and courage. These core values are extremely important to the organization and are often highly visible such as at media press conferences or other policing …show more content…

One of the principal connections noted however, is that both draw attention to the diverse populations that resides in Calgary. The City of Calgary talks about a
28% visible minority, and the Calgary Police Service ensures in it’s vision statement that recruits represent that diversity and that officers treat members of the public without discrimination. A disconnect that was noticed between the two organizations is that the City of Calgary listed statistics and future projections in its vision statement, whereas the Calgary Police Service did not. It would appear that the City of Calgary vision statement is regularly updated to reflect this. The mission statements are geared towards each individual organization. The City of Calgary talks about dependability and trust when providing a public service, whereas the Calgary Police Service talks about it’s role as a policing service. There is a connection however;

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