Comparison Of Otto And Anastasias

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Otto and Anastasia are a bonobos from the book Endangered. These two bonobo are different from the other ones in the sanctuary. Otto and Anastasia are different in various different ways , although still surprisingly alike. To begin with Otto was treated ineffectively.Otto was started as an abandoned bonobo. His owner was cruel to him didn't take the time to care for Otto. Due to Otto's owner selflessness, he actively seeks poor Otto original home . Sophie was the one that took him in. She notices the walked falter or unsteadily as the result of how weak he was. Sophie was the one owner that has fixed up Otto, including getting him healthy. Otto was delighted to be with Sophie. War broke in the capital, which was when Sophie and Otto began their journey of survival. In conclusion the war was over. Time flew by and Otto had a family of his own and so did Sophie.

Additionally is Anastasia. Anastasia was around human her entire life. She would depend on a human for food along with shelter. However, Anastasia was kept safe from the beginning. She lived with Sophie's mother as a pet, one day she was too grown to fit in the house, therefore she was moved to be taken care in the sanctuary. When war broke Anastasia was lead by her current leader, which was Sophie. Even though there was scrimmage fight or disorderly fight between Pweto and Anastasia. Anastasia would still follow Sophie wherever she would go. Sophie needed to leave behind as long as the war was still on Sophie …show more content…

They are alike of how the bonobos approbation or approval of the humans that were invited into their life.Even thought they had different leaders they both know how to access or approach also to communicate with humans.. They both got taken care of and both had great owners. Finally, those were the reason of how Anastasia and Otto are alike on the other hand also

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