Comparison Of Percy Jackson Hero And Louis Braille

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Title: Louis Braille and Percy Jackson Hero Essay

Louis Braille was the creator of Braille, which is a way for the blind to read and write. Louis Braille wasn’t born blind, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cope with it. Being visually impaired was a struggle he eventually had to face and accept as a part as himself. “Braille is knowledge, and knowledge is power.” Said Louis Braille. This quote connects to The Hero’s Journey because it shows that he is being challenged by tasks, and his task was to put Braille to the public. Louis Braille became blind when he was three years old. Louis was messing around with his father’s tools, when he poked himself in the eye with one of the sewing tools. The infection that it gave off spread to the other eye, and by the time he was 5, he was completely blind. But if it weren’t for his accident, the blind would still be using night writing, which isn’t efficient. Louis Braille is a historical figure that relates to The Hero’s Journey and that connects to Percy’s journey because he went through life changing experiences. He was a hero because he revolutionized literature for the blind.
Louis Braille is a hero because he overcame being uneducated, but made a way to educate the blind, with Braille. According to The Famous People, “Braille’s parents encouraged him to lead a normal life and the child did show a willingness to learn despite his handicap.” Braille was blind and he went through a lot in his childhood. “In 1819, Braille was sent to

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