Comparison Of The Eightfold Paths In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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In the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, the main character Siddhartha travels on a long journey. During his journey, he experience the eight-fold paths. At first he was a Brahmin's son, which is the highest caste system in India. But he wants to find true Enlightenment, so he leaves his home to become a Samana. During his times as a Samana, he experienced one of the eightfold paths. Similarly to his journey, we both used one of the eightfold paths to guide us, which is the right speech.
I have a superiority feeling whatever I work with new people, and when I feel like I am smarter than them in a certain subject, but as the time passes on those feeling goes away because the new people work becomes more experienced and people can learn. In chapter 7, when Kamaswami is upset or feels insulted, Siddhartha mocks him with the feeling of superiority and as time passes, his feeling of superiority diminished. “If Kamaswami was upset, if he felt that he had been insulted or if he was troubled with his business affairs, Siddhartha had always regarded him mockingly. But slowly and imperceptibly, his mockery with the passing of the seasons and feeling of superiority diminished.”(Hesse,77) But instead, he can encourage him and I can encourage my co-workers to do their best, which is the words of the truth. Siddhartha dreamed about the songbird, how one day it stopped singing, and he takes the bird out and it was dead. When he holds it his reaction was to quickly throw it out

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