Siddhartha and Hinduism/Buddhism Essay

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Siddhartha and Hinduism/Buddhism

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse discusses the many paths of teaching that relate to Hinduism that Siddhartha followed on his journey through life and how each path helped him realize what he wanted with his life. Siddhartha follows many teachings or paths in which to reach his spiritual destination, which at the beginning was to reach Nirvana. The four stages of life choices, which favor both renunciation and world upholding, are 1) student 2) householder 3) forest hermit and 4) wandering ascetic (Ghose, 1/18/01). In the book, Siddhartha participated in each of these lifestyles for a significant amount of time. Unlike his father, Siddhartha did not want to be a Brahmin. He thought his calling …show more content…

Siddhartha parted from Govinda to leave behind the childhood memories and with that decision, he felt at peace, he had renounced friendship too. He was no longer going to leave himself behind and begin his day with the thinking of Atman. Atman is the subject of knowledge (Smart 203). His identity was plain and simple, Siddhartha, the awakened one, not his father’s son and not a Brahmin. (Hesse 38). Siddhartha never fully reached the definition of a householder by raising a family but held a position that would be deemed householder by our society today. Siddhartha found his way into the village after leaving Govinda and saw Kamala who propositioned herself to him and his sensual pleasure that he had suppressed for years while following the samanas was awakened. Siddhartha for many years was Kamala’s lover and helped him to become a rich merchant and have all the personal wealth he had taught himself not to want for most of his life. His ego was the focus of his life. He followed the teachings of greed and personal prosperity, everything he once disbelieved that was right for him. After years of pleasure and learning that, he was not amazed and entertained by the simple pleasures that gave him such joy many years before. He found those simple pleasures distasteful and he realized why being a merchant was not his choice of life choice. As he chooses to leave Kamala and that life behind, he doesn’t realize that he has fulfilled a quota of being a

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