Comparison Of The Movie Bridge To Terabithia

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Bridge To Terabithia Report
The books are usually better than the movies. This is why I am usually reluctant to watch any movies based off of books. Some movies don’t meet the standards set by the book, and fall extremely below the expectations of movie watchers and book lovers alike. Some movies meets the standards of the book, but there is some disappointment here and there. The film adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia is one of these movies. It certainly meet the standards of the book but there was a little disappointment among moviegoers.

Although the film adaptation met many expectations, it failed to capture some important emotions shown in the book. In the novel Bridge to Terabithia Jess finds that Leslie has been cremated. This makes Jess extremely malcontent for he believed that Leslie belonged to him, and that they only were crying for themselves not Leslie. Katherine Paterson uses his thoughts and feelings to express how angry he really was at Leslie’s parents, Bill and Judy . Showing that the character is thinking something in a movie is hard, but I have seen many movies that managed to pull it off. Without those thoughts in the movie, that important scene became dull and pointless. And In the movie Jess doesn't even learn that Leslie gets cremated, this really takes away from the story. And sadly, that isn’t the only disappointment in the movie. When Jess was in the first stage of grief in the book, denial, he woke up in the middle night thinking about

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