Comparison Of The Movie The Crucible

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The Crucible, a movie directed by Nicholas Hytner, was critically acclaimed and earned several awards. It received an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay based on material previously produced or published, a BAFTA award for best-adapted screenplay, and Golden Globe awards for supporting actor and actress in a motion picture. In Empire’s review, they say, “In this almost perfect screen adaptation, the lingering question is the most important one: what caused such madness?” This movie adaptation is objectively superior than the written play for many reasons. One reason is how the characters are portrayed, specifically John Proctor. The way Nicholas Hytner deals with the other characters is exceptional as well. Nicholas Hytner’s The…show more content…
The movie has a visual aspect that the play cannot provide. When reading the play, the reader must rely on their own imagination for visualizing the characters based on the descriptions given. Beyond the dialogue, the movie can show more explicitly how the characters are descending into madness. The play cannot show you facial expressions and body language that the actors in the movie can depict. One example is Goodwife Putnam, who is driven crazy from her daughter’s mysterious affliction. Frances Conroy’s performance in the movie brings the added layers of her desperate facial expressions and strident voice. Winona Ryder’s Abigail Williams is another great example, because as her character becomes more and more unhinged, we see her less kept together, and in one scene she is missing her bonnet.
One might argue, if you want the best interpretation of The Crucible, you should read the original play because it is exactly what Arthur Miller wanted to express with the story. This would seem to be logical, as the play is his original work. However, one could also debate that most plays rely on the director’s and the actor’s interpretation while they are in production. Most plays or musicals rely heavily on the imagination of who is putting on the show. With this power in hand, they can change the play for better or for worse. And in the case of this movie, it was exceptional. To defend the play
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