Comparison Of The Phantom Ship

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Frederick Marryat born on 10th July 1792. He lived on Great George Street in Westminster, London. He invented a Lifeboat in 1818. He received the Royal Humane Society Gold Medal. Capt. Marryat Served in the Naval Forces because he was drawn to the sea. Also in 1818, he wrote articles suggesting that the Navy could find a better way than impressment for recruiting its men. And this is how the Phantom Ship was written. While reading his book, I have seen some similarities between one of the books we read in class. I believe I have made connections between Philip Vanderdecken and Dr. Jekyll. I am going to show you how The Phantom Ship pertains to the Strang Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Most of us know the story of the Flying Dutchman …show more content…

He believes that humans have both good and bad side. He creates a serum for a drug that he uses to separate the two different sides. Henry test it on himself and the experiment horribly fails. Dr. Jekyll changes Mr. Edward Hyde the evil part of himself. Hyde commits horrible crimes in London, while Dr. Jekyll sleeps. Dr. Jekyll wants to fix his past and present by getting rid of the evil that’s inside him just like Phillip Vanderdecken Sr (Davie Jones). “He cursed God; and was then condemned by the apparition to navigate always, without putting into port, only having gall to drink, and red-hot iron to eat, and eternally to watch. He was the evil genius of the sea.” (pg. 3 chamber’s journal) Phillip Vanderdecken Sr. was told in the beginning to be a loved father and devoted husband till one day his evil desires got the best of him and stuff out his light and this is how he became the captain of the Phantom Ship. He tried to defy god and become something that should have existed in the first place; he became a man without a soul. I feel like Phillip is Dr. Jekyll in a way, he started out scared and weak, then by changing himself in an ungodly manner becomes strong and live without fear. We watched the character of Dr. Jekyll deteriorated just like how Marryat describe the slow deterioration of the captain’s soul. “The gradual deterioration of the better nature, through toleration of the misdeeds of

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