Comparison Of Theogony And Hesiod

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“Theogony” a story transcribed by Hesiod, tells the story of how creation of the universe came from chaos. Hesiod presents a prophecy of the Gods to his fellow people, and within this prophecy lies the story of how the Gods and Goddesses came to be. While multiple Gods are mentioned, the primary one is Zeus, the ruler of the olympic mountain. The tale of Zeus is dominantly focused on the Gods, disregarding any loving interactions with the mortals. Genesis also tells the tale of creation but does so in the point of view of Lord God, the one and only God who purposely creates mankind. The contrast is that “Genesis” tells the story of Adam and Eve and focuses on the connection and love that exists between God and his creation. While in both…show more content…
“Theogony” ends with “these are the goddesses who lay with men And bore them children who were like the gods”(57) showing that there were other goddesses who interacted with the mortals, also shown by Prometheus who steals the fire for the mortals, but Zeus, the leader of the gods, did not. “Genesis” shows a similar situation through the use of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden. God plants the tree of knowledge in the middle of the garden and warns Adam and Eve to not eat from it, for if they do then they will die. The tree of knowledge was meant for the god alone which is emphasized by the serpent who tells Eve that “you will not die; for god knows that when you eat it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”(15). Adam and Eve proceeds to take a bite from the apply and the serpent is proven to be correct as they do not die from the apple. However, god becomes so enraged that he cursed them and “put enmity between [man] and the women, and between [his] offspring and hers” and “greatly increase [women] pangs in childbearing”(15). Once again, his ability to punish and cause suffrage in such a large scope shows his grand power which is an indication of hierarchy. Exactly like Zeus, the god in “Genesis” wants to preserve this hierarchy which is why he grows so angry and punishes Adam and Eve. The tree of knowledge represents knowledge and power and God is
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