Comparison Of Two Paragraphs On Mars

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Paragraph 1: The astronaut, was walking on the planet Mars and fell into a crater and tripped over something so he started digging in the dirt and found a rare t-shirt. The found that it was recorded back to 2520. Ross McPherson a 20 year old a millionaire now that he found the t-shirt on Mars.

Paragraph 2: Ross McPherson exclaimed “ The t-shirt looked cool of what he could see of it so he started digging for it and it was cool like he thought.” He brought it back to his space station and put it under his microscope and found a speck of gold on the t-shirt so he headed to Earth the next morning, because its was getting dark.

Paragraph 3: Ahni Umphrey ,a witness, says “ I was with him on the space mission and all I saw was him falling

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