Comparison Of Wendell Laux's The Failure Of War

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The purpose of this essay is to compare the of Wendell Berry’s essay, “The Failure of War”, Dorianne Laux’s poem, Staff Sgt. Metz and Damon Winter’s photograph of Sgt. Brian Keith. All three of these pieces represent the controversial issue of War which is a topic for a argumentative piece. In two of the written pieces the writer acknowledges the opposition, however, the picture the opposition is implied. Each piece has a purpose aimed at an audience with an emotional appeal. All three of these pieces represent a firm standing on the effects of War on humans. When examining Damon Winters photo of Sgt. Brian Keith features of a visual argument appear. The picture is a representation of an implied statement. The picture shows a Soldier with his family in the last moments before he is deployed to Afghanistan. When examining Wendell Berry’s piece his argument is stated in the sentence of his essay. “If you know even as little history as I do, it is hard not to doubt the efficacy of modern war as a solution to any problem except that of retribution¬¬-the “justice” of exchanging damage for another” (Berry, 2005). After reading Dorianne Laux poem in her first stanza she states “Metz is alive for now” (Laux, 2011). This clearly states her position, it captures the tension of the whole poem. The poem depicts her emotional appeal to war using her brother and boyfriend ties to the war. I found a sense of connection to Winters picture of Sgt. Brian Keith. I understand the

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