Comparison between ?November Story and November night, Edinburgh

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November Story and November night, Edinburgh November Story and November night, Edinburgh are two poems that differ in several ways but are essentially similarly themed. Both poems are similar in the way that they use personification to emphasise the weather. Both poems use animal imagery and people to emphasise how bad the weather actually is. The poem November story, by Vernon Scanell is from the writer’s point of view and is about a man who is in the wincing cold and sees a man, “a victim of crime” propped against a lamp post. The body turns out to be a Guy Fawkes and the man then gives the “urchin boy” with the guy some money. November night, Edinburgh is about November coming to an end and the rawness of winter. The start of …show more content…

For example in the second stanza “I gulp down winter raw.” This is emphasising the pain of the cold. It is so cold outside that it is actually painful to breathe and the man has to ‘gulp’ it down. In the last stanza of the poem the poet uses a metaphor. “The world’s a bear shrugged in his den.” This also emphasises the cold as the world wants to stay warm and ‘snug’ in a cave like a bear. The world is exposed

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