Essay on November: Part of a Narrative Story

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The music is soft as we dance the time away. Dance the pain away. Dance all of the outside world away. He becomes me, as I become him. Our faces seem to become more beautiful, or least his face does. he tells me that my face does the same, I don't quite know whether or not I should quite believe him. I want to, I will learn to make myself believe him. He's done me no wrong so far. He has even called me the fairest in his eyes. Such a compliment is quite honestly a waste upon me. But he declares it is not, that I am a waste upon the complement. I do it too much justice. I stare at his hair, not wanting to meet his gaze. His gaze is just so intense I cannot even begin to imagine the effect it will have on me, other than causing me to have …show more content…

Seducing, I push my dance partner with enough force to get him away from me. Yet, with the least amount of or me touching him. I in turn, threw myself to the opposite wall of him. "Stay there! Or We'll end up doing something wrong!" I shout, the room feeling hotter, and the music getting louder and more provocative as time moved forward. I looked over to my dance partner and he had already taken off his suit jacket and untied his tie. His shirt was being quickly undone by his quick fingers. "Ugh, it's so hot in here, why is it so hot?" His eyes were darkening, he’d already started sweating, his hair stuck to head, and he was starting to slide off his shirt. "Aren't you hot, take off your dress." He tries coaxing me, I shake my head furiously. "Shut up!" I shout, I take the thin hair band that I've had on my wrist and tie my hair up off my neck and readjusted my dress, when I looked back up my dance partner way on all fours crawling, only about four feet away from me. I look out of the large wall window wondering how long it would take me to run out onto the beach. And get away from this man. "Darling," He moans only a foot and a half away from me. "call my name. Be rough, yell at me. Just let it be my name. I want a preview of what I going to make-." I scoot away from him and speak. "Stop! Go away, get back on your side!" I bark the order at him like a drill sergent. He stops in his pursuit and looks me in the eye.

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