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World Religions - Personal Religion Comparison
Laura Ricketts
HUM 130
January 17, 2011
Ken Linder

World Religions - Personal Religion Comparison
“The chief feature of the Mormon Church, more formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, that distinguishes it from the many variations of mainstream Christianity is that Mormons believe not only in the Bible but also in another scripture, The Book of Mormon” (Fisher, 2005, pp. 453-454).
On April 6, 1830, Joseph Smith formally organized the church that became The Church of Latter Day Saints. Considered to be the first prophet in the end-time before the return of Christ, allegedly Smith was led by God to discover golden tablets that were the sacred word of God. …show more content…

The members are allowed to choose which study to attend. The studies lasted a little over an hour.
The scheduling for various traditions and services was performed in a normal fashion; e.g., how the service in the church is held (music, sermon, etc.); how activities within the church are scheduled; bible school for children, etc. No elders or leaders in the church spoke at the services, teaching about the faith or from the Book of Mormon. This is taught in the classes.
Patti warned me that the members of the church do not interact with each other very much, and that they weren’t necessarily friendly. This did not seem to be the case today, as many of the “sisters” came over to speak to Patti, and to “meet” her friend.

Personal Interview
The following is a transcript of an interview with my friend concerning her personal beliefs and faith in her religion:
Interviewer: What was the main reason(s) for you to decide to follow the Mormon faith?
Patti: The church has everything I always felt a church should have, even though I wasn’t active in any church. I still believed there was a God and His Son Jesus Christ.
Interviewer: What is it about the Mormon faith that keeps you coming back?
Patti: Its doctrine, organization and people. The spirit I feel when at church.
Interviewer: If there is one thing about the Mormon faith that you don’t like, what would that be?
Patti: I like everything! (grinning)
Interviewer: How strict are you in keeping

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