Comparison of Paintings of Irene and St Sebastian

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The subject of this painting is Irene pulling an arrow from the body of St. Sebastian. Each figure in the painting looks to contribute to a different part of a healing process; Saint Sebastian’s body conveys the idea of being sick or dying. His hands are tied up with rope, which gives the idea that he was injured by the shadowy figures in the background and left for dead. Irene is kneeling to the right wearing the red clothe and is being assisted by a servant is helping him by pulling an arrow from the saint’s leg. Life is being restored to Saint Sebastian, which is depicted by the two angels fly overhead, the crown being held by the angels may suggest him becoming a saint for sacrificing himself for a belief. The figures in the foreground take up most of the painting and are telling most of the stories happening. Only a little of the figures in the background are being shown, but these figures are being directed to by circular shape in the middle of the frame, that is showing an important connection to the foreground. Most of the lines in the painting run horizontal and cross each other to drag the viewer’s eyes around the frame. The body of Saint Sebastian intersects the arm of the woman, also the direction of the heads in the foreground creates implied lines that connect bring the viewer back and forth across the painting. The in this painting like most of this era use lines help to convey motion. The uses of foreshortening added not only depth to the painting but

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